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Physical and Mental Health

You’ve probably heard about the mind-body connection, about how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health. Some thoughts can direct us to behaviours that are harmful and even life-threatening.


An example is a person with an eating disorder who thinks they are overweight even when they're too thin, and they limit their food intake. They might also force themself to vomit, take diet pills or laxatives, or exercise a lot, which can be life-threatening before you know it.

What starts out as curiosity, or just going along with what everyone else is doing, can end up as a habit/addiction. 

Alcohol and drugs can wreak havoc on your body’s organs, like your brain and liver. Surprisingly, substances can actually cause mental health problems. Alcohol can bring your mood down and marijuana can make you anxious, or so laid back that you have no initiative.  Every drug has its own effect on your brain.  

Gaming can impact your sleep, mood and relationships with others.  It can cause you to withdraw and escape from reality - gaming all night and sleeping all day.  This can also result in conflict with your family and friends.  

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