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Intake Services

CMHS welcomes referrals from youth, parents, and community partners.  You can contact us by phone, completing the referral form on our web page, sending a fax and receiving a virtual consultation through our Rapid Response Service.  Our Administrative Support staff will guide you through the process and arrange a telephone intake appointment after obtaining agreement for the referral from family/caregivers and youth 12 years of age and older.

Once the intake appointment is scheduled, a counsellor will call the youth and/or parent by telephone to have a conversation about what your worries and concerns are and the goals you have for counselling.  The more we know, the better we are able to refer you to the service that is suited for your child.  The counsellor will provide some guidance on how you can support your child while waiting for service. 

We strongly believe that children and youth grow and become their best with the support from their parents/caregivers. This is why parent/caregiver participation is such an important part of the counselling.

If you require counselling or are experiencing a significant level of distress while waiting for your appointment, help is within reach.  Please access our virtual Rapid Response Service.

Thank you for contacting CMHS!

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