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Client's Rights

As a client of Children’s Mental Health Services you have the following rights:

  • To receive services that are inclusive and non-discriminatory.

  • To be treated with dignity and respect.

  • To receive service in a safe and secure environment.

  • To receive an orientation to services available and orientation to your rights.

  • To receive assessment and treatment services that are mutually agreed upon between yourself and this agency, and that you will be part of ongoing reviews of your treatment successes.

  • To participate in significant decisions affecting yourself and your treatment ensuring your strengths, needs, and preferences are identified.

  • To understand the likely benefits and possible risks of any recommended treatment.

  • To understand that your participation in services is voluntary and that you may choose to discontinue your participation at any time.

  • To review your client file according to our agency’s Policies and Procedures.  Files/records are both paper and electronic and are maintained by the agency according to provincial legislation.

  • To understand that from time to time your file may be reviewed by representatives of the Canadian Centre for Accreditation, as part of this agency’s accreditation process, only to assess our agency’s practices in accordance with Accreditation Standards.  This is to ensure Children’s Mental Health Services maintains the highest standards of quality service.  No information contained in your file will be copied or removed as a part of this process.

  • If dissatisfied with the service your or someone in your family receives, you are encouraged to discuss this openly and directly with the clinician working with you or your family.  Your complaints, by calling the clinician’s Program Manager, or by completing the steps outlined in the agency brochure “How to Make Your Concerns Known”.

  • To have the opportunity to consent to college/university placement participation in your services and to understand you can refuse consent and still receive services.

  • To provide consent, giving your permission for Children’s Mental Health Services to obtain relevant clinical information from other service providers you have had contact with.

  • To receive services that are confidential Children’s Mental Health Services will not release information about your or a family member without prior written consent.  See “Your Personal Health Information Protection Brochure” (PHIPA).

  • To know that Children’s Mental Health Services will work with you to accommodate any diverse needs/interest, cultural or language/communication needs you have.

  • To understand that there are certain times when your information may be released to others without your consent:

    • If you or your child is in danger of harming yourself or someone else, we are obligated   to take actions necessary to protect you or others from harm.
    • Professionals who work with children must promptly report any suspicions that a child is or may be in need of protection to a Children’s Aid Society.

    • If you are involved in legal proceedings of any kind (custody, child welfare, separation/divorce, or criminal) the court can subpoena your file.

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