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Brief Services

What You Can Expect

Therapists at CMHS work within a framework that has been proven to be a helpful model of narrative therapy.  Child and Family Therapists (CFT) in the Brief Service program may use various strength-based approaches.  CFTs are non-judgemental, and will work, collaboratively with you in each session.  We want to take the time to hear your story and understand how you see things.  Every family’s situation is unique and we will look to you to help us understand what you are going through.  We are here to help you figure out what direction you want to go. 


To help you reach your goals we have up to six sessions in Brief Services.  You will help determine what we will talk about in each session.  We will use a four-item check-in, to help guide the conversation and understand how you are moving toward your goals for change.

For Kids/Youth

Think of your therapist like a coach.  Instead of playing a sport, the therapist works with you and your family to sort out some challenges that you and your family might be facing at home or at school.  You will come mainly to talk about how you can solve the problem and we take notes so that you can remember them.  It is important that every time you come to speak to your “coach”, you are ready to talk, practice what you have learned and work hard towards solving those things. 

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