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Counselling & Therapy


Our first priority is to make sure we have a clear understanding of the nature of the worries and/or issues that have brought you to us. Since every situation is unique, Child and Family Therapist’s (CFT) get to know more about you and your family’s struggle by creating a series of purposeful and intentional conversations with you and your family members.


We will be curious about things like:

  • Your worries and/or issues – Who has them? How big are they? How long they’ve been around?;

  • You and your family’s prior attempts to address them – what worked and what didn’t; and

  • You and your family’s strengths.


Once we have developed a shared understanding of the issues, we will work with you and your family to identify the things you want to accomplish (goals), and outline a plan of how they might be achieved. The plan will include who might need to be involved and how often we will meet.


All of our counselling/therapy services are provided in the context of family - which means that while we may use our discretion to choose to see a child/youth independently for a session(s) – parents and other family members will have an active responsibility in working towards the goals too.

Besides counselling sessions, we can also provide access to psychiatric and psychological consultations in the event that these additional supports may be helpful.  We will do our best to guide you through the work to make these changes over the course of up to 12 sessions and we will regularly review with you, in  session, how you and your family see yourselves moving towards change using a four item check-in called an Outcome Rating Scale (ORS).

Once you and your family are on track again, services will wrap up. You can always call back when you need us again.

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