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Babies in Playroom

Babies and Beyond

A weekly peer support program for teen parents under the age of 21.  The program offers a warm, nurturing atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and respect. Activities include weekly guest speakers, assistance with education and child care, support and referrals to service providers. Lunch is provided. The program offers an opportunity to socialize, share, gather information, connect with resources and feel supported.

Babies and Beyond groups are offered in Picton, Bancroft and Belleville.

These groups are offered at various times throughout the year.  Please contact us for more information or to confirm group availability at 613-966-3100.

Teen study group

Sometimes when you need support, it's beneficial to share with others who are also experiencing the same thing.

CMHS offers various groups based on demand and interest.

See below for groups that are currently being offered.

Music Class

Worry Warriors

Does your Child Worry A Lot?  Brain in Overdrive?  Want to Manage Anxious Thoughts?

The Worry Warriors Groups is open to Caregivers and Children aged 11-13.

Currently, it is a Virtual 8-week program with Children’s Mental Health Services to effectively manage anxiety and worry. Topics include: brain science, learning what triggers anxiety, how to achieve calm in the chaos, coping strategies, and much more!

Group is 6 weeks in length for Children with 2 additional sessions provided for Caregivers all through Zoom platform.


Teen Anxiety

Do You Worry A Lot?  Brain in Overdrive?  Want to Manage Anxious Thoughts?  Want to Feel Calm?

Join us to learn some strategies!

CMHS hosts a Virtual 6-week program with to learn to effectively manage anxiety and create calm!

Autism Transition to

High School

For Autistic youth in grades 7 & 8 and who are preparing for and who are transitioning to secondary school.


Our Autism Transition to High School group is intended to assist students with living with Autism (ASD) and their family in their preparation for and transition to high school. This group will begin in late spring & will re-engage again in late summer/early fall 2023.


What profile of a youth is the Autism Transition to High School Program a good fit for? Youth who are diagnosed with Autism (and are a low to moderate support needs individual), who want to socialize with peers and learn in a group setting and who are not currently attending a Life Skills Developmental Centre*

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