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Family Problems

It’s rare for a teenager to not be in some conflict with at least one of their parents. Conflict is inevitable as you want more freedom and independence, and your parent probably doesn’t think you’re ready. It’s a difficult stage of life for you and your family. Little family problems can suddenly become big and even out of control. While it’s normal for teens and parents to argue, both sides should still feel respected. Violence is unacceptable and is a sure sign that help is needed fast, before someone gets hurt and before the relationship is damaged forever.

Sometimes family problems have been around for a long time and now that you’re older, you’re realizing that not all families live this way. Maybe you start to wonder if your parent has a mental health problem, such as depression. Perhaps you’re noticing just how much your parent is drinking and you’re concerned that they might be an alcoholic. Recognizing a problem can be like a nagging worry in the back of your mind, or it can overwhelm you like a giant wave that makes you want to run away.


If you’ve been sexually abused, you might feel that now you’re strong enough that you can speak up and do what you need to do, to look after yourself.  

If you are struggling with your sexuality or gender identity, and are not sure how to talk to your family about it, or you have tried and it hasn't gone well, we can help. 

CMHS counsellors can help family members to listen to each other and find solutions – even if that means agreeing to disagree. Whether or not these problems get resolved has a big impact on your own mental health, now and in the future.

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