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It’s normal to feel down when you’ve been disappointed or something bad has happened. It’s not normal to always feel down, with little hope that things will get better. It’s also not normal to constantly have negative thoughts about yourself, your situation, or the people around you. It’s dangerous if you’re having thoughts about ending your life, or if you take risks without caring about staying alive.

Some people are agitated and feel angry when they’re depressed. Others are just the opposite, with no energy and feeling worthless. Some people have trouble sleeping, while others sleep a lot. When you’re depressed, it’s often hard to concentrate, make decisions, or even to enjoy time with friends.

It can be hard to reach out for help when you’re depressed, when you’d rather hide away. You might feel guilty, as though you don’t deserve to feel good. These thoughts are not normal and are your depression “talking” you into staying depressed. The truth is that you do have the right to be happy, no matter what you inner critic might be telling you.

It’s very hard to get out of a depression on your own. Without help, depression often gets worse, as though you’re sinking into a deep pit. So reach out to us and we can help.  If you’re thinking about death or ending your life, it’s essential to get help right away – today.

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