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Anger is such a complicated emotion. Something that angers one person might hardly register on another. There are naturally hot-tempered people, and others who are mellow most of the time. Some people express anger outwardly, while others hold in their anger.

It’s important to know that anger can be a normal emotion that tells us that we need to protect ourselves or change something. It’s not healthy, however, if it’s expressed in a way that hurts you or another person.

Anger is a problem if you’re irritable, frustrated, or in a bad mood more often that you’re feeling good. It’s a problem if you argue with people more often than you enjoy being with others. It’s a serious problem if you put people down, yell, or swear at others. It’s a major problem if you’re violent – getting into physical fights, hitting, or damaging property.

Anger can also be a problem when you hold it in. The anger doesn’t go away; instead, it might evolve into a different emotion, such as depression. It might also leak out in passive-aggressive ways that damage your relationships, such as “forgetting” to follow through with a promise.

A problem with anger control can sabotage your future in so many ways – job, relationships, and your happiness. It’s best to make changes soon, before old habits get ingrained. With the guidance of a CMHS counsellor, you can learn new, healthy ways of expressing anger.

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