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Disruptive Behaviour Disorders

There are two main types of disruptive behaviour disorders. The first is Oppositional Behaviour Disorder (ODD). A child who is prone to intense temper tantrums, who argues a lot, who deliberately annoys others, and who often refuses to do what adults ask him to do might have ODD. Many children with ODD have other mental health problems, such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, and/or depression.

Many children with ODD respond to treatment, if it is provided early enough. If ODD is untreated, there is the risk that the child might develop the more serious disruptive behaviour disorder, Conduct Disorder. Symptoms of Conduct Disorder (CD) include threatening others, physical aggression, damaging others’ property, lying and stealing, refusing to go to school, and running away from home. Children and adolescents with CD are at risk of failing at school and becoming involved with the police and youth criminal justice system.

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